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As a frequent mover (and Boy Oh Boy don’t I wish moving companies offered frequent miles), I am here to help you navigate through one of the most difficult and challenging situations of life: relocation. So, if you are tired of family members joking about your address changes, or you’re planning that first move out of your parents’ home, I am here to help. I will have tips and articles on everything from making new friends, to getting your house “showing ready”. Moving is hard but change is exhilarating. There are great things in your future. Be of good cheer.


Finding Community Wherever You Are TransplantedCarol’s first book, Changing Zip Codes has just been released through Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and is now available on Amazon.com on Kindle or paperback! For the downsized, disenfranchised, outsourced and uprooted.

Here’s the link : http://amzn.com/0984765557

Plus, look for it at your local bookstore

This devotional book will encourage anyone looking for community, movers and non-movers alike.


  • Eastertide


    April 19th, 2014

    I’m sharing a poem by my friend, Danielle E. Pasqua. I think it’s the perfect sentiment for Easter this year after a long cold winter. The weather break into spring remind us of Jesus’ break with the Father on Good Friday and His resurrection on Easter. Such good news. Eastertide When Eastertide comes near The darkness... read more

    He Who is Last Shall be First

    He Who is Last Shall be First

    March 11th, 2014

    Jesus had something very interesting to those last in line, those who spend their lives serving others. Ugh, serving ... such an outdated term, right. Not really. It's the main theme running through the life of Jesus. Do you have someone in your life that serves you? It could be a familiar... read more

    Your Best Gift

    Your Best Gift

    February 23rd, 2014

     In keeping with the Year of the Letters, I suggested in my last post that for February that we write a letter to someone we miss. My dad died in his mid-sixties so I penned him this letter. I lost my dad early. Only in my late thirties, he left our... read more

Carol’s Schedule:


Monday Jan 7th 5:00 pm Guest on Military Mom radio show http://toginet.com/shows/militarymomtalkradio   5:00

Monday Jan 7th guest blogger for Karen Baney’s blog:   http://www.karenbaney.com/changing-zip-codes/


Thursday Feb. 7th  Talk on the four temperaments  at Davidson UMC.  “He likes Karaoke, I like Croquet”.

Saturday Feb. 16th 2-4 participant at the Mother Vine Festival at Barnhill Wine Shop and Bookstore, 811 Burke St., Winston-Salem, NC (Authors, Artists and Musicians).

Thursday Feb. 21st guest on Gate Beautiful radio show


Wednesday July 24th 2:00 EST  -Interview with Diva Talk Radio.

Saturday July 27th  11:00- 1:00 Local Author Showcase Mooresville Library, Mooresville, NC.

Monday July 30th 3:45-4:45  Book signing at CSLA (Church and Synagogue Librarians Association).


Wednesday Nov. 13th interview for the Michael Dresser Radio Show from 4:14-4:20 CST

Thursday Nov. 14th Book signing at Give-Back Boutique from 5-8  478 Williamson Rd.,Mooresville, N.C.



February 12 Speaking at Friedberg Moravian Church  MOPS in Winston-Salem, N.C. from 9- 11 on Personality Temperaments


Thursday April 10th speaking at Reidsville Christian Church  MOPS  in Reidsville, N.C. at 9:30


Carol is a certified Personality Trainer with CLASSeminars Inc. She is available to speak to women’s groups, writer’s groups, business and community groups on understanding the four different temperaments, as well as talks on life transitions, making friends, hospitality, and encouragement for writers.

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