A Dickens Christmas


Carol here: It’s a pleasure to have my husband do a guest blog. He found a intriguing article about how Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol turned a quiet overlooked holiday into the joyful celebration it is today. I hope you will enjoy his blog below:


I’m sharing an excellent article I’ve read about Charles Dickens and the making of the Christmas Story. Maybe you’ve heard this account before but it shows the power of a very good idea and its ability in written form to enrich and inform the lives of others. I think I had read this years ago, but forgot how the necessity of Dicken’s financial needs precipitated the writing of ” A Christmas Carol”.


I guess it proves the adage, Necessity is the Mother of all invention. Mark Twain also wrote frantically some of his “best stuff” to stay one step ahead of the creditors. At any rate, I’m adding this thought: while the cause of underscoring the plight of the materially needy on this earth is a worthy goal, how Dickens illustrated the impoverishment of the soul of Scrooge, and indeed all of us, was the true genius of the novella.


We all need Christ, to blow out the dreary cobwebs of our own miserably dreary selfish condition, to recognize our need of salvation, to become through the transforming miracle of Grace, We become a new Man, not by anything we have done, but by the resurrection power of another day we celebrate, Easter! Yet the promise of this starts with the Christmas story, the pledge of a gift from God, a Savior. And as we accept the gift of what the Babe has brought to this earth, we rejoice in the sound of the Bells as we celebrate with all creation.

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