A Kid’s View of Moving


At some point in everyone’s life, there comes an important event: Moving.

At first you walk through your new house (sometimes look at pictures online), tell the news to family and friends, and then slowly watch all your things being packed in boxes and loaded into the truck.

Sometimes it’s five minutes away, sometimes your new home is twelve hours away. Either way, you have to adjust to a new house and a new atmosphere.

For me, seeing my new room is always exciting. And yet, to see your old furniture, and things, in a new place can seem odd. You want to cling to the memories of how things were before. Your best friend down the street . . . your clubhouse in the backyard tree . . . and the family memories you made.

The first few weeks in your new house, you may feel insecure. You’re getting to know your neighbors, learning your way around, and getting comfortable in your new home. You watch as pictures get hung on the walls and boxes are unpacked.

For me, moving was easier when I was little. I had fewer memories, I didn’t compare my new home to my old one, and for a younger child, it’s easier to make friends. You walk outside, see a child your age, and a few minutes later you’re best friends.

On the contrary, when you’re older, it can seem lonely. You remember all the fun times you had back at your old house, and you get attached. You want to make new friends in your new neighborhood, but long for your old ones, and it’s harder than ever to make new friends. But after a year or so, you feel comfortable with the area. You have best friends, and you’ve had special times in your new house. And though it can seem hard, you’ll be sad to think of leaving that house. Moving brings both loss and gain. It can be tough to accept that nothing will ever be the same again. Except the God that watches over you every step, no matter where you live.


Sara is eleven-years old and lives in Ft. Collins Colorado. She enjoys reading writing and dancing. Her hobbies include crafts, musical theater, singing and babysitting.


Thank you, Sara, for sharing a kid’s view of moving.


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