A Prayer at Christmas for the Disconnected

Christmas hits the newcomer hard when roots are shallow and short, and the new community we’ve been plopped down in, is cold. If only my family was here, you say to yourself, then I could enter into the holidays with joy.

I remember the sadness when my husband and I lived in Wheaton, Illinois. My husband was unemployed and we had been trying for months to sell our house. Our four children were spread out over many states: North Carolina, Colorado, and California. Four children and no one, not  parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, or in-laws to drop in for the festivities. Why not just have hamburgers for Christmas dinner? Why even put up a tree. Who cares?

God must have heard my sadness because he sent my daughter and her new fiancé up from North Carolina. In addition, my husband’s niece and her husband made the huge trek from Tulsa, Oklahoma to bring us a bit of Christmas cheer.

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