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I’m excited to interview Ron Millicent, a veteran who gives us a fresh look at life. I think you will enjoy his philosophy of life.


What prompted you to write this?


That really is the core question. It stems from working with veterans. I volunteer a lot of time with them – and I see so many broken – in different ways. Having been in the military myself – I remember the parade grounds – when everyone looked supremely confident, and unbreakable. Then, I see them now – and wonder what happened? The books are dedicated to them.


What is special about your book?


Great question. This is (Vol 1) something like  Chicken Soup for the Soul, except shorter & funnier. It is a romp through life – finding meanings in many vignettes: a funny hospital stay, burying a beloved pet, and  thrown off a train in a small town in Germany.


What message do you hope to convey?


Through my book I weave a thread that connects seemingly random parts – into – God’s Plan for us – if we can just recognize it. But, you must have a strong desire / goal / objective to activate this plan. Vol #2 prepares an individual to arrive at that goal.


1. The inspiration for the book comes from volunteering working with veterans who have lost their way through battle experiences, or misc. causes. They feel adrift, and alone – having left a close knit group in the service – and then being cast again in civilian life. They fee lost. This book (let) was to show that there is a plan for us – even though we often don’t recognize it until it is fully formulated. The idea of `There is a plan for me’  is meant to give to them some encouragement and hope for their future. But it is done in a light-hearted manner. It is actually a fun read.


2. I hope this book accomplishes the abandonment of despair and replaces it with optimism, and a bit of laughter.


3. The greatest encouragement are the vets I work with constantly – and seeing the difference in some of them


4. The genre is non-fiction (Inspirational)


Come on – is it really different?


You know, it is really in the eyes of the beholder. When it comes right down to it – about everything we read is repackaged from some other source. The difference is in the presentation.  My book is a good combination of wit and humor.


Do you really think that there is a moral, or lesson from each even in our lives?


Maybe, not from each and every occurrence. Well, maybe so – but I’m not smart enough to decipher each one as such. But I  believe that there are lessons to be learned from many – maybe most – such events in our lives.


Do you really think you are wise enough to derive lessons or morals from these events?


Well, wise may not be the most appropriate term to use in this context. I remember years ago, when I was flirting with the idea of taking up martial arts – and the trainer was much younger than I was – and I made some remark pertaining to that. His response was very interesting to me. He addressed the age difference – and then said, “But you already have a Black Belt in life’s experiences”. That stuck in my memory banks – and I think it is probably an appropriate term to use here – in response to that question.


Ron’s books can be purchased here:
Lessons of Life


Successful Habits  https://www.createspace.com/4379483



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