A Year of Letters

  A Year of Letters. The stamped, licked and sent letter is almost dead. Keeping those special letters in your top bureau drawer has gone the way of the hope chest, a quaint idea but seemingly too sentimental for our times.

Well, I’m here to fan a few flames from the past.

Recently I reread Alexandria Stoddard’s Gift of a Letter. In this jewel of a book she shares the importance of a piece of paper scrawled with one’s own handwriting to make a difference in someone’s day. They are unlike the impersonal emails that all look the same and  have the emotional connection of a Goodyear tire sales circular sent to you in the mail.     Ah, but a letter is something personal, intimate and timeless. Re-reading a letter can bring us back to our youth, a time of romance, living abroad, or going away to school. Personal note scan be letters you send or receive from your child at camp, or just a wonderful Mother’s Day card with a personal letter inside. It, more than anything else can take us back to happy memories, poignant moments and lonely times of separations. Most letters I have saved are not boring! They remind me of who I used to be as I time travel back to my younger days.

I will assign us all a certain kind of letter each month. This month is a letter to someone who may not be having a good new year. Can you tell them how great they are and how this might be their year to shine? It can be an old school friend, cousin, employee, or even your child.

Are you up for the challenge. Hop to the stationery store and pick out your best notepaper, journal or whatever you’d like to join me in this journey. Not much to invest, just a little time and a couple of stamps. I’m excited to see what will happen with these letters. I mean I am REALLY wanting to hear from my readers. If you want to join me in this once a month letter, please email me at contact@ChangingZipCodes.com. I’m expecting some great responses and if you have some stories to go with your letters, all the better.   This could change your year. I can’t wait to hear from you.     Get ready for a fun adventure as we encourage others on real paper!

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