An ADD Woman’s Prayer

“Dear Lord,

 Thank you today for all my blessings- My husband and children, a warm house and the money to purchase a new sweater.”

Dang that sweater. The label is digging into my neck and driving me crazy.  I’ll run to the desk to get the scissors and cut it out so I can focus on my quiet time.

Okay, where was I?

 “Yes, thank you Lord for the upcoming holiday, time spent with loved ones and the abundance of good food…”

Oh shoot, did I call my daughter to remind her that brussel sprouts were on sale at Harris Teeters?

Let’s try again.

“Please help me get along with my boss at work.”

I think she likes me but she doesn’t ever give me any compliments…. Not that I need any, but well, I would like some feedback occasionally. Maybe if I plan a birthday luncheon…

“Sorry Lord. I really want to spend time with You. Forgive me for that fight I had with my husband last night over whose turn it was to do the dishes. Let me not keep accounts in my mind. Help me not to be petty and vindictive. And, let me reach out to my neighbors…”

Was it this weekend or next that I said we’d dog sit for them? No, I’m not going to check my calendar…not going to get up again. Oh well a quick trip to look at the calendar in the kitchen won’t hurt.

“I’m back. I know I’m trying Lord but you created my dingy mind. No, I’m not blaming you.  I know you have said in the Psalms that I am wonderfully and fearfully created. Well wonderful is great but when it comes to my mind. Maybe strange works better.”

“Thank you that I can come before you and you hear me in all of my disarray and unfocused thinking. You are supremely patient. I love you Lord and look forward to another day of adventure with you.”


Yikes, I think I smell that pot of beans burning on the stove. I was sure I turned off the burner.

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