Afraid to move.

The Woman of a Thousand Handshakes

The Woman of a Thousand Handshakes

This story is taken from my book, Changing Zip Codes. Since I love stories about unique people who make the world better, I thought I’d share her story. Pat moved to a new state and a new town, Wayne, Illinois. Hopeful for new friends, she waited daily for someone to knock on her door and […]

A Kid’s View of Moving

At some point in everyone’s life, there comes an important event: Moving. At first you walk through your new house (sometimes look at pictures online), tell the news to family and friends, and then slowly watch all your things being packed in boxes and loaded into the truck. Sometimes it’s five minutes away, sometimes your […]

Moving is More Than Unpacking

Guest Blog by Ginger Harrington No move is complete without a little…actually A LOT… of unpacking. The moving truck arrives and the boxes start coming off. The inventory is checked… and the unpacking begins! And Life Goes on… Now we all know that moving is more than unpacking. It is just not that simple–just not […]

Your Last House? Moving in with the Children has a new Meaning.

Your Last House? Moving in with the Children has a new Meaning.

      As our population grows older the building trad becomes creative in helping families take care of their elderly parents. An Australian concept called Granny flats had been around since the ’70’s and now  and is now catching on here. In Seattle the FAB Cab company manufacture is giving families an alternative to […]

How Changing Zip Codes Came to Be

I clicked the button that said, “Send” as a sigh of relief escaped my lips. No looking back now, as the final copy flies through cyberspace to my publisher. No delete key can fix typos, grammatical errors or incoherent thoughts. I think I just leaped off of a fifty foot cliff.

It’s a scary thing to cut up tiny portions of your life and pare your stories with biblical truth. Did I get it right? Will people understand my thoughts? I’m now putting up my experiences for anyone with a pair of reading glasses to scrutinize, critic and evaluate.

No Car: No Problem

Considering a move to another citiy. Trying to balance the family budget? Consider relocating to a metropolitian area that offers excellent public transportation. When you consider how expensive it is to maintain a car( insurance, car payments and repairs), choosing a place where you could use public transporatation and get rid of one of the […]

Going through Foreclosure?

Feel like you’ve hit a brick wall while trying to sell your house? With the real estate bubble having shattered, many find themselves depressed and frustrated as they lose their most valuable investment, their home.I recently met an other who writes social commentary on our culture. I thought his view on possessions might encourage those […]

Just Moved and Broke

Just moved and out of money? Aren’t we all. Cheer up and check out this website for the bargains of the century.  You can have anything written in skywriting by the Eiffel Tower, your website name carved on a piece of toast, a professionally sung birthday message, muscle pain questions answered, an original rap song […]