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Fresh Inspiration

Do you feel under a pile of lofty New Year’s resolution It’s that time of year when those good intentions can crash down as fast as a rotting Christmas tree. I’d like to share some of my favorite blogs that might motivate and inspire all of us as we settle into the quiet winter season. […]

Get the Skinny on your Town

Ever curious about your town? What is the average income, education, or length of time your neighbors own their home? How about racial demographics and maritial demographics? Do your fellow citizens work mainly in construction, farming or management? How much water or land density is in your zip code? How about age groups?  Check out […]

No Car: No Problem

Considering a move to another citiy. Trying to balance the family budget? Consider relocating to a metropolitian area that offers excellent public transportation. When you consider how expensive it is to maintain a car( insurance, car payments and repairs), choosing a place where you could use public transporatation and get rid of one of the […]