Dead Calm, Bone Dry

Dead Calm, Bone Dry

I’m so happy to spotlight the latest adventure book by Eddie Jones. Jones is the publisher of Lighthouse Publishing and a fantastic YA and middle grade author in his own right. He has a passion to reach boys and help them become readers. I know his newest book, Dead Calm, Bone Dry will excite the […]

Writing is not glamorous except in the movies.

Writing is not glamorous except in the movies.

I recently talked to a doctor who was intrigued that I had written a couple of books. “Where do you write,” he asked? He told me he’s fascinating with where a novel is created. He cited one famous author who writes on trains and another who types manuscripts with a complete white room- nothing on […]

Celebrate Lake Surrenders's Birthday with a Contest

Celebrate Lake Surrenders’s Birthday with a Contest

I get a kick out of celebrating moments and milestones in my life… So often we trudge through our everyday schedule, not recognizing all the wonderful blessings we’ve received.   I’m in celebration mode. My book, Lake Surrender is two years old! And instead of birthday cake, I’m putting together a contest. Here are the prizes: an […]

I Love My Tribe

I Love My Tribe

After a busy summer of selling a condo and welcoming two new grandbaby girls into the world, I am amazed at how fast we’ve reached the end of the season. I see my older grandchildren starting school for the first time and I’m wanting this screen shot of life to slow down…. A LOT. Watching […]

Lisa Lawmaster - Guest Interview

Lisa Lawmaster – Guest Interview

Today’s special guest is Lisa Lawmaster Hess who has written a variety of articles and books, both nonfiction and fiction taken from her experiences as a counselor and teacher. Let’s see what this transplanted Jersey girl who now lives in Pennsylvania has to say about writing: I’m a former elementary school counselor, now working as […]

Kay Moser - Guest Blog

Kay Moser – Guest Blog

Anyone ever dare you to write a novel? I love hearing some of the unique and even off the wall ways novelist are inspired to write a story. Today I have one of the authors from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas who shares how she wrote her new book, Celebration! on a dare from her […]

Living Like Lions - J.R. Duren - Guest Interview

Living Like Lions – J.R. Duren – Guest Interview

I’ve asked J.R. Duren to drop by today. He’s written a book about men- from scientists, artists, presidents and missionaries- who have inspired others, to live boldly like lions.   I love reading biographies and hope you will check out his book, Living Like Lions. It’s a perfect gift for the man in your life. -Tell […]

Kathryn Sue Moore - Guest Interview

Kathryn Sue Moore – Guest Interview

I’m thrilled to be able to host  Michigan author Kathryn Sue Moore today as it’s one of my favorite states. On top of that she writes about NASCAR, very big in North Carolina where I live. Combine that with a romance and you have an unbeatable combination- racing for the men and a love story […]

Choose Worry or Creativity

Choose Worry or Creativity

To kick off Thursday’s writing tips and thoughts, I’m sharing a guest blog I wrote a few months ago. Worry and creative writing… the two don’t mix. It’s impossible. I can’t hold the two in my mind at the same time. It’s like water and oil. That niggling little thought grows from a random “What […]