Celebrate Lake Surrenders’s Birthday with a Contest

I get a kick out of celebrating moments and milestones in my life… So often we trudge through our everyday schedule, not recognizing all the wonderful blessings we’ve received.


birthday-cake-image-houston-bombay-bakersI’m in celebration mode.

My book, Lake Surrender is two years old! And instead of birthday cake, I’m putting together a contest.

Here are the prizes: an assortment of special things from the book, mainly food related.giveaway-prize


First prize: The winner will receive a box full of ginger peach tea, Kona coffee, and blueberry related goodies. (Michigan is known for its abundance of blueberries) and an Amazon gift card.  Sort of a party in a box.



Second prize: An Amazon gift card.





Third prize: I’ll come clean your house for free. Ha ha, just kidding.

The contest will end two weeks from today, Tuesday October 4th.

You can earn points by

1) Signing up for my blog on my website– 5 points

2) Sharing my Amazon link on your FB page.-3 points


3) Writing a review if you haven’t, one that is fair – 5 points

To write a review of the book, click on the link above and scroll down to the end of the reviews. There is a box that says, “Write a review. “ Please click on it. The more reviews a book has the more Amazon will promote it. You can also add a review on Goodreads, if you are a member.

4) Sharing these links on Twitter.-2 points. I have written three to use:

5) If you send me a photo of you or someone you know reading Lake Surrender- 6 points.

Let me know how you’ve participated by sending me an email at contact@changingzipcodes.com. The reader with the most points wins! Anyone can join. Points count from today on, previous posts, tweets etc. don’t count.  You can tweet as many times as you want, and count them 2 points each!

May the best reader win.

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