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  1. Carol, I experienced a similar thing when moving to Nashville with two small children; Dave had to go back to Florida for a few weeks. Our first Sunday the children and I went to a church of our denomination, could not find the door to enter for Sunday School, went inside a side door and were locked in, found an elevator, it took us to the skating rink. finally someone came along and opened the door and we found the sanctuary. No one ever really greeted us. We did not go back there. From that point on I was always intentional about hospitality, whether as a member, staff member or pastor. I started the hospitality program at our current congregation and spoke to the people at worship about this particular experience. The United Methodists have a good set of videos we used, too; it takes a while for church people, for the most part, to move beyond their need to visit with their friends, relatives and to reach out to the “angels” who visit our services.

  2. Carol, This was a great article and so important. We had a small church here and everyone commented on how friendly we all were. Most of the people that came to visit us said they had gone to other churches for 3 to 6 months and no one had ever greeted them or made them feel welcomed. There was no relationship. After our Sunday morning service, we all ate together and were able to build relationships with one another. It was great! We were family for many who had no family or none close by!

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