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I am hosting one of the new authors for Lighthouse Publishing of  the Carolinas’. David is a songwriter and recording artist who is writing about the price of fame and how people choose when they are successful “Hot” is doing well and should be a thought-provoking read. I’m looking forward to reading it.

About the Authordavid-stearman

David Stearman is a professional songwriter and recording artist whose novels reflect his love of music, adventure, and the outdoors; especially in tropical locales. In his spare time David enjoys archery, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor sports, as well as travel, gardening, and breeding parrots. He and his wife Diane have a son and daughter, and live in Kentucky s horse country with a little bichon frisé dog named Lilli.

Here’s a brief description of my novel HOT, available after September 2nd:

hot-david-stearmanA total life do-over, that’s what Jake needs; a chance to unmake his past mistakes. Because in his zeal to fulfill his beloved dream of wealth and fame, Jake lost Chloe, the one he loved above all else.

First he betrayed her. Then came the drugs. And in the real world, opportunities to undo things like that just don’t happen.

Or do they? Could a paparazzi-induced traffic accident actually provide an opportunity for Jake to restore his ruined life? Set against the glitzy backdrop of the recording business, HOT tells the story of a young man’s dream to restore the dream he lived before his dreams came true.

I wrote this story in part because of a friend who left her husband for no better reason than she felt the desire to explore greener pastures. She and her husband had always been good to one another, but she became haunted be a nagging feeling that she was missing out on the good life.

So she left him. And later wished she hadn’t. And now it’s too late for her to go back, because he’s with somebody else. And that’s a little like Jake’s story in Hot. He leaves his girl Chloe to follow his dream of fame, and then, wonder of wonders, winds up catching it. But afterward he learns that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And soon his new dream is to get back with the love of his life.

Nevertheless, despite appearances, HOT isn’t really a sad story; it’s more of a Nicholas Sparks kind of thing: bittersweet. But it’s also fun, humorous, and fast-moving. And as far as the ending goes, well, it contains surprises I think you’ll love.

Ultimately, I wrote this story to help people who live in envy of others. I want folks to appreciate their own lives, and realize that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence, that in fact in most cases, it just has different weeds.

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David’s Blog: http://tropikbird.wordpress.com/

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