Don’t judge me, Pinterest

I’m having a personal feud with Pinterest.

Out of nowhere, dear Pinterest sends me a “pin” they thought I’d love to see.

For those not initiated with this social media site, Pinterest is like an electronic billboard where people electronically attach pictures and articles to save.

And now the website has stepped over the line.

Usually they offer me decorating ideas and ways to clean my house, money saving tips and books I might like to read. Okay, that’s kind enough.

bootcampBut today they’ve indicated I might have a belly problem because in my inbox they send me a note saying I’d “Probably like this particular article on disguising tummy fat.”


Is there a camera somewhere?

I’ll admit I don’t wear belts anymore as I’ve reached a certain age but how does Pinterest know that? Do they notice when I pull my chair up to my computer that a little … well more than a little, excess does hang over my jean’s waistband? Is there a mysterious camera roving around our home entryway when I check my profile? Or worse yet, are Pinterest employees checking my photos and analyzing my weight distribution?

And if so, why do they have to remind me with their not so subtle suggestion?

The pin offers what seems to be a simple solution to a fairly common problem. It suggests keeping my jeans  unzipped so the fat can hang out comfortably, put a long long tank top over the whole mess, and…. this is the kicker….. take a button up blouse and tie the bottom tails in a knot above one’s midriff… sort of a Caribbean Calypso look.

Yes, by all means, let’s highlight the belly roll.

I’m thinking of breaking up with Pinterest. But, on the other hand, they do have great dessert suggestions. How about a mile high chocolate mousse pie recipe instead, techies.

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