Fresh Inspiration

Do you feel under a pile of lofty New Year’s resolution It’s that time of year when those good intentions can crash down as fast as a rotting Christmas tree. I’d like to share some of my favorite blogs that might motivate and inspire all of us as we settle into the quiet winter season. I hope you enjoy them.
1) Debbie Skinner is an amazing artist who illustrates her talks with stunning water colors as she speaks.  Check out her art work and blog.
2) Want to remodel and organize your life? Give your life some zest? Kathy who speaks all over has a heart for the young mom and offers humorous and practical advice.
3) Luscious recipes and breathtaking photos.
4) I just learned 40 different synonyms for “lay”, that there are 35 genres in fiction and how to format captions. This website fills in my blank spots in writing knowledge.
5) This zany lady has a hilarious article on “How do I Resent Thee,  Let me count the Ways.”
These are just a few to get you started. Look for more later.


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