Give me a Birthday Present…Pretty Please?

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Give me a birthday present. Yep, you read that right. I’m asking for a gift.

In a few days I will celebrate my birthday. As God’s humor saw fit, I share my big day along with the grungy but charming rodent that hides in the dark of the earth. Not a particularly glamorous animal, nevertheless, he has millions hanging onto the groundhog’s ability to see or not see his shadow every year.  Looking like an overgrown beaver, Phil thrills or annoys many in the North as he predicts either more winter or the onset of spring. We hope every year that he will cut short the blustery season of winter. But we are at his mercy as he crawls out of his dank home every February 2nd bearing meteorological news.

Lacking the ability to speed spring early arrival, we still can give the hope of an early spring to military families in the way of support. Many are struggling to keep their marriages together as statistics cite a sixty percent increase in the divorce rate in the last few years. The strain of many moves and deployment overseas cause many to throw in the towel.

So, here’s how you can 1) send me a birthday present, 2) give a military couple an early spring, and 3) spread around a lot of hope and love- send a check to Family Life’s A Weekend to Remember.  I love this ministry and have made it a policy to share part of the proceeds of my book, Changing Zip Codes with them.

With the money we donate, this organization is able to offer scholarships to active military personnel and their spouses for a healing weekend. Yes, a wonderful weekend away to restore relationships and learn new skills to grow together. If anyone deserves the best for their marriage, it is those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

Go ahead, send me a birthday present: a note on  or the Changing Zip Codes FB page saying you’ve sent a donation to help our military families. Make my day! Make my year!

Here’s the contact information:
1-800-FL TODAY

And here’s the fun part: I will match the final total for donations. If you send $25.00, I will match that. So let’s get at it!

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