God’s Power to Rescue


Photo courtesy of Carol Stratton and Mooresville Weekly

Last summer I had the opportunity to see a sample of what our law enforcement officers do on a daily basis when I participated in a citizen “Ride Along”. Answering a call, the officer and I raced to a stranded trucker a few miles away.

Settled between the edge of a road and a ditch, we found a huge tractor trailer balanced precariously, ready to topple.  The truck, which balanced on only half of its wheels, tilted at a dangerous angle towards the ditch, ready to blow over with the next summer breeze.

I held my breath as we all waited for the heavy duty tow truck to arrive. Would they make it in time or would the mammoth truck flip onto its side?

Help arrived. Within a few minutes the truck was hooked up to the tow truck’s heavy duty cables and with a few mighty pulls the truck slowly edged out of its dangerous sideways tilt. The driver of the rig admitted he had not given himself enough room for the turn. As a result, his load didn’t follow the cab.

The driver knew only a larger vehicle with a high powered towing capacity could rescue him.

But do we know who can rescue us? Often when we become stuck with life’s problems we mess around hoping our friend’s Mini Cooper or even our uncle’s Ford F-150 can pull us out of our ditch. But truth be known our heavenly father is the only one with enough horsepower to rescue.

Psalm 91:14 New International Version
“Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

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  1. God is always faithful to send the help we need exactly when we need it.

  2. So true, Ann. I think this guy needed help immediately! Thanks for stopping by.

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