He Who is Last Shall be First

Thank-YouJesus had something very interesting to those last in line, those who spend their lives serving others. Ugh, serving … such an outdated term, right.

Not really. It’s the main theme running through the life of Jesus.

Do you have someone in your life that serves you? It could be a familiar waitress, a bank teller, a babysitter or someone who maintains your house. People serve us every day and we take their actions for granted. This month take a note card and jot a few words of thanks and appreciate. Life is hard, appreciation often is bypassed.

If you want some ideas for this project, here goes:

  • Beautician
  • Housekeeper if you are lucky
  • Babysitter.
  • Bus driver for your children
  • Bus driver if you take public transportation
  • Your child’s teacher, principal or custodian
  • A waitress at your favorite restaurant
  • Someone who maintains your house: think painting, grass trimming, etc.
  • The receptionist at your doctor’s office who always squeezes you in.
  • The man at the meat counter at your favorite deli
  • The deli lady at the grocery store
  • A sales person at your favorite department store
  • The man who fixes your continually “virused” computer (is that a word? )
  • The kid who delivers your paper

Keep some note cards in your car and be ready to praise someone.

I just know we are are going to make someone’s day. Please write and tell me how it goes.

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