Hospitality Counts

hospitalityWhen did I lose my desire to be hospitable?

I thought about the couple who came over to look at our condominium last Sunday.

In the past I would make sure we had enough pop, snacks and water for guests who’d drop by or a workman who would be working on a home project. Whether a new baby, or drop in teenagers, I tried to keep on top of the food situation. But, today as I sat glued an old black and white movie and waited, I thought, “You’ve lost your passion for welcoming visitors.”

Maybe it’s because I don’t bake a lot anymore or entertain teens who wolf down bags of chips and pretzels. But for whatever reason, somehow I’ve gotten out of the habit.

Then the Lord chided me, “That’s one of the reasons I’ve put you on earth… to be a door opener, a people feeder and a listener.” You know He’s very good at putting his finger on our weaknesses.

Lately I’ve failed at all three. Call it laziness, apathy or tiredness, I’ve neglected creating a friendly environment. My house instead says, schleppy (is that a word?) disorganized and blah.

Not good. Being a Christian is not about checking off the behavior boxes. It’s about being proactive, and relational. We, as followers of Jesus should be the most winsome people on the planet. Why not? We serve a winsome God who doesn’t want one person perish to perish. And if He doesn’t want anyone to perish, spiritually, the least I can do is to not have visitors perish physically for lack of food and drink.

So, anticipating future visitors, I’m committed to having drinks on hand, stocking the pantry with Doritos and stuffing several Pepperidge Farm cakes into the freezer. But, please come soon. I’m partial to even frozen cakes and I want to have plenty when friends and family honor me by stopping by.

Throw out the Adkins low carb icky food. Bring on the snacks. I hear a knock at the door and I’m going to be prepared.


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