I Love My Tribe

After a busy summer of selling a condo and welcoming two new grandbaby girls into the world, I am amazed at how fast we’ve reached the end of the season. I see my older grandchildren starting school for the first time and I’m wanting this screen shot of life to slow down…. A LOT. Watching them play in the sandbox, taking them to movies and cuddling with the two newest members is one of my perks of getting older.

DSCN0058In the middle of the craziness I continue to work on the sequel of Lake Surrender. No title yet but I continue Ally and Will’s story so hope you will enjoy book number two. I had a lot of false starts but not it is on path, picking up speed with 70,000 words completed, about ¾ complete. Like most authors, when they start a book they wonder how will it ever be finished. The fear is real. You say to yourself….”Maybe I only have one novel inside of me,” or “Readers will never like this second book.” Thank heavens I have learned to speak ugly to that annoying voice inside and tell it to “Take a nap!”

And while working on book number 2, the Lord has blessed my book by having it be on the top 100 for Kindle Inspirational Fiction this summer. It took 1 ½ years but it’s picking up steam.

My reason for mentioning the increase in sales is to give a shout out to all those who have supported me on this very long journey of having a novel published.

I’m grateful for:

  • Anyone who has left a review on Amazon…yes, each review good or even bad helps sell books.
  • Friends who have re-posted any sale of the book on their social media sites.
  • Readers who have shared about Lake Surrender with their friends.
  • Writer friends and my publisher who kept encouraging me

You see, it takes years to write, edit, publish and market a book. Sometimes a writer sits at their desk and asks, “Is this really worth the effort? Will anyone read it?” When it’s midnight and you’re still tapping the computer to finish up a scene, you’re tempted to find something less grueling.

But then, you remember the story.
You remember the message.
You remember the one reader who said, “Your book helped me thing about how I live my life.” Believe me, I can live on one or two comments like that for months.

So, before the leaves become crunchy and I change my sandals to boots, I want to thank you, my readers for a wonderful Lake Surrender summer.

I couldn’t do it without a great support of friends and readers. You are so a part of my writing ministry to share the Good News of Jesus in stories that are real and relate to the modern woman. Your loyalty and encouragement haven’t gone unnoticed.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

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