June Letter

office-workerThere’s someone at work who’s new and not sure of office culture.

Someone else isn’t receiving a lot of praise.

Another employee seems to be the one everyone dumps on.

Still another is ready to quit.

Sound familiar? The modern work place can be a rough place to navigate.

Where is the eye that pays attention? We must have it.

Where is the light that provides warmth? We must be it. If you and I are to be a light on top of a hill, we’d better find the matches.

Light isn’t just to be admired, it’s to be used for good. This month in our year of letters, why don’t you and I leave a little note on someone’s desk thanking them for a job well done, or volunteer our services to show the new guy or girl the ropes. You and I can change an office’s atmosphere with a small piece of paper.

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