Leaving A Mark of Love

GoodFriendsJohn 13:35 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Principle of exchange.

When two objects come in contact with each other they leave traces on each other. If you touch a wall you pick up minute traces of paint and you leave microscopic segments of your DNA on the wall. It’s a basic principle of forensics. I just learned it from watching a show on Sherlock Holmes.

What a concept to apply to the spiritual world. It works the same way with people.

Yes, we see the struggle in this world and somehow don’t leave it without being touched by the struggle. None of us get out of here without pain. Sin, the devil and just natural tragedies leave their mark. An ugly but true fact.
But we also leave our traces on life. Even when we are unaware, we are leaving tracks wherever we go. But what kind of prints or marks do we, as believers, leave on our world? Hopefully a positive one showing God’s righteousness in our actions.

So as life leaves a mark on us, let us choose to leave traces of Christ in our wake, exchanging this world’s sorrow for his love. The defining mark is how we love each other.

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