Moving Stories

Elegant Living – A humorous look at how all the well-laid plans for showing a house can be hijacked if you don’t clean up after yourself.(Or could say, “when I didn’t clean up after myself”).

Frequent Mover Test – Test yourself to see if you fit into the elite group of Frequent Movers.

A Remodeled Life – Maybe you’ve written your final check to your builder for a killer Rachael Ray kitchen, only to feel a let down after the  contruction crew leaves. Or,maybe you’re a fabulous dress designer who can turn a Goodwill outfit into a Vera Wang look-alike, but want something deeper than a new dress. Read my thoughts on inner remodelling.

Teen Girls’ Moving Quiz – Especially for females between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. See how sucessful you will or won’t  be in your family’s upcoming move.











Mark Manship - Realtor