Teen Girls’ Successful Moving Quiz

Want to know if your move across town or across the state will be a success? Take this quiz to tell if you’re a Danielle Boone type or if you’re Wendy the Wuss. Be honest to see if you can make the grade when it comes to the big move.

Your mother barges into your room announcing, “We’re moving in three months, to Seattle.”

You say:
A) “Awesome, I love rain and good coffee.”
B) “Well, at least we won’t get 90 degree heat in the summer.”
C) “Thanks for ruining my life. I hate umbrellas.”

Your grandmother is quite sick and your parents want to move across town to take care of her.

You say:
A) “I’d love to be by Nana so I can make her cookies and bring her DVDs.
B) “Well I guess she’s lonely and we’re the only ones to take care of her but I love my room here.
C)”Gee, why can’t you guys get her a live-in nurse?”

Your parents are getting a divorce and your dad says you have to choose to live with one parent in a different house.

You say:
A) “Wow Dad, this must be really hard on both you and Mom.”
B) “I can’t decide cause I don’t want to take sides”
C) “I can’t decide and thanks a lot for making me choose.”

Your dad has lost his job in Michigan and your family is all moving to Alabama.

You say:
A), “I love cornbread and grits.”
B) “Well I’m sure I’ll miss Lake Michigan but if we have to move, we have to move.
C) “I hate grits and country music”.

Your parents feel your high school isn’t giving you a good education and they will be moving the fam to a house in another town.

You say:
A) “Well, I hope this new school will help me get a scholarship in archery.”
B) “ Can ’t I just live with my b.f. Becca for the next two years?”
C) “ I am living with my BFF. Becca. You can visit me on weekends.”

Your father is retiring early and your mother has been offered a job at a small university in the Appalachian mountain in North Carolina.

You say:
A)“Wow, I love hiking! Think how many of my buds will come see me on spring break.
B) “I guess I’ll get me some hiking boots, even though all I wear is flip-flops.”
C) “I hate the mountains. Don’t you remember I get car-sick?”

Your mother is remarrying after several years of being single. You like your new step-father but you hate moving.

You say:
A “Well, if I go to a new high school I have two years to re-invent myself. This could be my big chance.
B) “It won’t be easy but I guess you deserve some happiness too, Mom.”
C) “ Looks like only one person in our family will be happy and it ain’t me.”

Your father has a dream promotion which will allow you to go to college without taking out many student loans. Unfortunately, the promotion will be in San Jose, California and your house will be half of what you have now. In fact, you have to share a bedroom with your 10 year old sister.

You say:
A) “ I can’t wait to surf.
B) “ I’m only rooming with my sister if I get two thirds of the room.
C) “ I’ll be looking for an apartment I can lease here for my last two years of high school.

Your parents have always dreamed of moving to a farm in Indiana and have found the perfect place.

You say:
A) “ Can I get a horse?”
B) “Do I have to feed a bunch of chickens? They smell.”
C) “I already saw Paris Hilton on the “Simple Life.”

The Big Apple is your next place to plop but you can’t imagine not seeing your boyfriend everyday.

You say:
A) “Well, Cleveland isn’t too far. It’s only one year till we go to college together.”
B) “Wow, I guess I won’t be driving much but I’ll sure get to see a lot famous landmarks.”
C) “I’m running away as soon as I find all my cd’s.”


Scoring: Give 10 points for each “A” answer, 5 points for each “B” answer and 1 point for each “C” answer.

75-100 You are truly someone with a highly adventuresome bent. You thrive on new situations and are always ready for a challenge. Just be careful you don’t forget your old friends back home.

50-75 You love your life but you can be flexible. Yes, you may not like change but you also know some great things can come out of a move.

25-50 You are a homebody who has a hard time adjusting to change. You can be loyal to your friends but your not about to venture out in a new place with a good attitude in check.

10-25 You probably want to live in the same town and same house the rest of your life. Maybe you can rent a room from your parents when you get a job someday.

Life is full of unpredictable moments. Who knows what is around the corner. You might find the best friend you’ve ever had in your next zip code. One thing is for sure: God is always with us wherever we hang our hat.



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