A Moving Timetable

Two months – six weeks

Start throwing out stuff
Clean out closet
Have a garage sale
Let friends and family know the news

Six Weeks to a Month

Contact moving company or truck rental
Get moving kit at post office
Start sending out moving postcards when you pay bills
Contact schools to have records sent
Arrange for cleaning (after you move out)
Notify your boss if you have to quit –You may only need to give two weeks notice
Empty freezer –use up food
Get written prescriptions from doctor

Three weeks ahead

Contact utilities at new residence
Cancel utilities/lawn mowing/ other services
Pull out important papers for move:
New mortgage or rental agreement
Health documents (for registering in school)
Address book
Friends phone numbers
Any bills to be paid/ financial info
Start to clean out fridge
Pack seasonal and non-essentials

Two weeks ahead

Pack kids suitcases
Pack adult suitcases
Pack kitchen first aid kit/bedroom and bath first aid kit
Start to say goodbye to friends

One week

Do all your laundry
Eat off of paper plates
Cancel mail/phone
Have extra furniture/ junk hauled off
Pack up all but basic everyday things

Two Days ahead

Keep packing- most should be done by end of day
Start packing car
Make sure you have directions/ key for new home
Close bank accounts
Get cash for trip

Day of Move

Put essential “first aid” kits in car
Make sure you have books, DVDs and snacks for kids
If you have movers, make sure they know what not to pack- Put in designated place in each room
Fill car up with gas
Take one last photo of family and house
Hop in the car… you’re off to a new adventure!



Mark Manship - Realtor