One Hour to a Showing

  • Keep window cleaner and paper towels under sinks. Pick up baths and shine counters, mirrors and faucets.
  • Gather up misc. clutter in an empty clothing basket. Don’t sort.
  • Hide clothing baskets in bathtub with shower curtain. Very few people check here.
  • Hide clothing baskets in rear or trunk of your van.
  • Put dirty dishes put in dishwasher. Don’t bother to rinse.
  • Sweep all hard floors. Swiffer will work great for fast cleanup.
  • Make all beds. Childrens’ extra stuff in bedrooms can be put in back of car while house is shown.
  • Vacuum the hot spots.
  • Shine the kitchen sink.
  • Double check for smells: dirty diapers, doggy smells.
  • Light candles or spray air freshener.
  • Hop into car and collapse as you drive around and around the block with the fam.




Mark Manship - Realtor