My Generous Valentine

I love Valentines Day stories. Let me share mine.

I remember a very poignant Valentine’s Day dinner. About seven years ago my husband and I  had just driven from Michigan to Palo Alto, California to leave our daughter to live with my mother for a few months. Things were hectic that day so my husband and I  just decided to grab a quick bite of dinner at a neighborhood cafe.

Waiting for our table in a small neighborhood bistro, we shared a bench with an elderly Chinese lady also anticipating to be seated. No more than ninety-two pounds, I noticed she had a detached air about her. Her  black hair had wisps that scattered across a forehead as thin as parchment. Making conversation, we asked if she was expecting someone. A melancholy look passed her face as she told us, no, her husband had died a year ago and she now lived with her daughter’s family. Her daughter, a doctor worked late so she decided to come to the restaurant to have dinner. My husband, John, and I commented on how alone she seemed on the day designated for lovers.

When we finished the meal, John motioned to the waiter to come to our table. He pointed discreetly to the frail woman sitting at a small table up against the wall and whispered, “Please add her check to ours.”

What a pleasure  for me to savor how surprised this little widow lady would be when when she realized her bill had been paid. That  night I felt proud he was not only my Valentine but made another lady’s Valentine’s Day a little less lonely. I know he’d kill me if he knew I‘d posted this because he never makes a big deal out of his big-hearted actions, but more than a large box of chocolates or a shiny pair of earrings, his  kind gesture really made my day.

Do you have a Valentines Day story? I’d love for you to share it.


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  1. Years ago, I left an out-going message on our answering machine which said something like, “This month, tell someone new how much you appreciate him or her on Valentine’s Day.” I had been getting quotes on installing a fence in our backyard. One of the guys who provided a quote called me and left a message on voicemail. With much joy in his voice he said, “After hearing your message, I told the waitress where I often eat how much I appreciated her. I could tell it made her day. Thanks for prodding me to do what I should have done long ago.”

    1. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing it, Fori!

  2. Favorite Valentine’s day gift – many, many years ago, when we were young, growing up with our three children with not a lot of extra cash, my highschool sweetheart brought to me my most favorite gift I think he ever got me – well, he did get me a ’76 green Cadillac convertible for an anniversary that I LOVED, but that’s long gone now, and I still have my rock : ) Yes, he brought me a rock. He borrowed a friend’s Dremmel tool and carved a big heart into the rock. Inside the heart, he put “R + C” – Ron and Caryl : ) Sometimes I put it in the garden, sometimes on the fireplace hearth, but I love my rock. We’ve been together 46 years now. Met at 16, married at 18, still loving each other and havin’ great fun together at 62 : ) We don’t “do” that day any more. Feb 14th is just another day on the calendar since so many Cupids (pagan god) are pasted up on that day and since we’are not Catholics who recognize special ‘saints’ (Everyone who receives Christ is His saint : ), we ceased and desisted honoring the ‘day’, but we do our best to show our love – Christ’s love – to each other and everyone every day – 365 days a year : )

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