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I have the privilege of hosting Anita Agers-Brooks. I met Anita a few years ago at a CLASSemainar Writing Conference. She had a passion to share her business wisdom in a book, and a few years later she has published it. I know her post AND her new book will encourage you- Carol



Jenna tapped the steering wheel, willing the light to turn green. She imagined the stacks of half-empty boxes scattered throughout her new house, and sighed.
Yesterday, she’d rummaged until she found Mr. Coffee, along with filters and her special canister of hazelnut grounds. She’d plopped them on the bare counter to prepare for the BIG day. She needed sustenance to help calm the nauseating roar of butterfly wings beating inside her chest and stomach walls.
The light turned, and Jenna gunned the accelerator. “I can’t be late,” she said between chewy nail bites.By the time she pulled into Presbyterian Hospital’s employee parking area, Jenna had half a pinkie nail left. She’d unconsciously spit the others onto her floor board. A new job on top of a move across two states was enough to make Jenna feel as if she’d lost all control. She couldn’t help wondering if all of this wasn’t a mistake.

Have you ever felt like Jenna?


Her error wasn’t in taking the job or making the move, but in how she approached them. Moving is stressful on its own merit. But pile on a load of anxiety from starting a new job, and watch out world, there’s a potential meltdown in the making. It can drive us to believe a lot of negative self-talk, and focus on our weaknesses, instead of pulling from our strengths.
So how can we combat this natural inclination? One word does it for me-


With intention, determination, and resolve, I choose where I allow my mind to wander. In situations similar to those of Jenna, I’ve found three things that help me combat nerves, and overcome anxiety. 1. Knowing I can’t think two distinctly differing thoughts at once, I focus myself on something positive and true, so negative lies cannot take root. One in particular keeps me grounded. “I am lovable and valuable. I am of immense worth to God, and He has called me to serve here. I cannot fail as long as I keep my eyes on Him.” 2. Remembering God gave me two ears and one mouth for a reason makes me listen twice as much as I speak. This is a huge success secret on the job, and it helps with other relationships as well. 3. When I feel overwhelmed with all I need to tackle, breaking things down into one small task at a time motivates me to action. When I make a list of the first five things I need to accomplish, and check them off as I complete each one, it gives me a sense of satisfaction. This in turn energizes me to move to the next priority. Before I know it, I’ve done much more than I thought possible.


Moving is hard enough…

…but often it is coupled with entering a new place of employment. Keeping things simple, and focusing on the basics helps me breathe deep and avoid meltdowns. Sometimes, I even allow myself to see it as an adventure — transforming my fear into a faith-filled joy

Anita Agers-Brooks

is a Business and Inspirational Coach, Certified Personality Trainer, Productivity Expert, Certified Training Facilitator, Communications Specialist, and national speaker. Anita is also the author of, First Hired, Last Fired — How to Become Irreplaceable in Any Job Market. Now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Lifeway,, plus many fine stores, Christian and otherwise


She’s a partner in The Zenith Zone, a business coaching firm. Member of the Christian Writer’s Guild, Toastmasters, a client of WordServe Literary Group, and the Simply Sue Speaks booking agency. A graduate of CLASSeminars for Leaders, Speakers, and Authors, a co-founder of The StoryWriting Studio, and speaker on circuit for Stonecroft International Ministries.


Anita’s passionate about business with integrity, healthy relationships, and issues of identity. She travels the country teaching others from her personal experiences and research. She believes it’s never too late for a fresh start with fresh faith. Anita likes to lounge by a river or lake in Missouri, laughing with with her husband of thirty years, Ricky.
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