Press On

Press on, the bible tells us.

Press onWhen I think of pressing, I think of pushing hard against an immovable object. It reminds me of how I used to move furniture when I was younger. Because my husband and I moved so much, I often liked to rearrange the furniture. Not being a particularly patient person I rarely waited till he’d come home for work or a business trip. I wanted my room all set up now!

I learned how to lay down on my back and put my knees against the item I wanted to relocate to another side of the room. Very slowly I would put all my strength in the targeted bookcase or desk I wanted to move and like a NFL middle linebacker one inch at a time I pushed the object into its new address. Volá,. It saved my back and allowed me to set up the new room quickly.

To “press” a garment means pushing down on the metal weight of an iron’s sole plate. With hot steam as I move the iron back and forth, the fabric underneath turns from a wrinkled mass to a crisply ironed dress to wear for a night on the town.

So, when God asks us to press on, he’s telling us, push push for all your’re worth. There is a treasure on the end of the project. You may not have a newly rearranged room or a garment ready for a party but pressing on will show God your determination to not give up.

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