Ten Steps to have Your House Ready for a Quick Showing

MP900386132 You’ve just settled into your easy chair with your first cup of coffee in you hand and the morning news blaring in the background. Ah.. a relaxing day. Then your cell phone rings.

“Hi, it’s Showing Central. We’d like to schedule you home for a showing in thirty minutes. May I make the appointment?” You want to say, “Yes, after I call for an appointment with my psychiatrist,” but you resist the urge.

You groan and then get up the energy to yell at the kids to put the cereal boxes back in the refrigerator and the milk in the cupboard. This might be the one customer that will buy the house. But where do you start to get ready?

Here’s seven quick tips to have your house ready to go. Plan ahead and you won’t turn into that ranting maniac when you see a Realtor’s car pull up in your driveway.

1) buy several laundry baskets and put them in strategic places in your house. Keep them empty and used only for emergency “stuffing”. You can gather up a lot of stuff fast if you don’t have to put it away. Do that later.

2) Clear a space under the sink and put a small basket underneath. You can then gather everything on the counter and hide it underneath.

3)Keep Windex and a roll of paper towels under each sink. You will get extra points if your mirror is streak free and your counter clean.

4) Consider lending out your family pet for a while or at least try to confine your cat or dog. You might want to invest in a carrier and put the pets in the car
when you leave for the showing.

5)Be alert to your house’s smell. Did you fry bacon yesterday? Do you have a newborn that spits up a lot and goes through a lot of diapers? Again, invest in a few bottles of air spray. I suggest a mild fragrance like linen.

6) Empty trash cans… or at least put then in the garage.

7)Do a quick view of the kitchen. Wipe off counters, put dirty dishes in dishwasher (or if desperate, put soapy water in sink and hide them. Try to shine up anything that needs it: Microwave, Dishwasher, stainless steel refrigerator. Baby oil works wonder on the stainless steel appliances.

8)Sweep kitchen floor, run vacuum at least in the pathway where people walk. If you have a choice between dusting and vacuuming, always choose the floor. People won’t notice the dust but they will see dog hair and Cheerios on the rug. Remember, you are prioritizing here.

8)Keep a kitchen drawer empty (or a dining room hutch drawer) and hide mail laying around.

9)Spot clean rug with shaving cream and a washcloth. Works great.

10) Check front yard for toys, abandoned cars and a running garden hose. Also make sure front door is clean and porch swept.

Spoons and Banana Split


Ah, now you can collapse in your car. Oh, you are still in your bathrobe? Well, you can always go through the drive-through. Honk horn and gather rest of family in car. drive to nearest Dairy Queen and order the largest sundae available. You deserve it and you have just burned off 800 calories!

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