The Blonde Tornado

mom-talking-to-toddler-girlYesterday I picked up the phone the phone to the weary voice of my daughter. She’s had a hard pregnancy and told me how she woke up to the overly exuberant little Blonde Tornado two inches from her head asking questions. When this three-year old discovered you could put sounds together and communicate it flipped the “on” button in her brain as she tells everyone she meets about preschool, her favorite boy cousin, the weather and their pending beach vacation. That morning mama, after listening to several monologues and fending question about vacation, and what to eat for breakfast, her mother told her she didn’t need to talk. Mama was tired.

In reaction to her mother’s ban on talking, little Blonde Tornado broke out in an explosion of tears and rejection. Sobbing could be heard several blocks away. Why would mother not want her to talk? She loves her mom and the best way to connect were words. After some moments of soothing and reasoning from mama, she was back to her old self, Jibber-Jabber.

My little granddaughter is not alone in her need to verbally connect. As created beings we have a desire to communicate, often with words. To feel we are connected to others and that they understand us and our words gives us a satisfaction deep down in our depths. Somebody “gets” us.

Unlike my daughter who has been fighting morning sickness for several months and didn’t relish an early morning chat, our God bends his ear all day to hear his children’s words, spoken or unspoken. When our earthly parents weary of childish dialogue, our Heavenly father is always available.

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