The Break of Midnight – Danielle Pasqua

snow-lightI’m not a poet but I can appreciate the beauty of a good poem.

My friend, Danielle Pasqua, has penned a gem to help us reflect the past year and as we thing about dreams that will inspire us for next year.

My prayer for my readers is simple: I ask for a truer understanding of the Creator who made us and of Jesus who understands us and our frailties. In this new year may we serve Him better as we decrease so that He may increase. (John the Baptist’s prayer).
In the world of celebrity worship, may we find satisfaction in worshiping the true God.

Have a wonderful new year.


The Break of Midnight

Sunsets down of an old year
Golden mistakes have not disappeared
Anticipating the break of midnight
Wondering what we did was all right
In the nocturnal we become restless
Aching for new memories to arise
Eventide in early winter lets us meditate
All of the things we would avoid doing otherwise

Benighted by all the dreams that leave us crying
Fireworks scatter the air and they never cease flying
Among skyscrapers whose worldly cities are shining

Up and away our dreams begin to come alive
Tonight it’s our resolutions that we have kept inside
Starting now we won’t let another chance pass by

Broken desires are lost among the clouds
True ones keep us inspired, a rainbow of hope to be found

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