The Lonely Booksigner

Not a good sign, I thought to myself as I surveyed the empty chairs.It was one of th0se famously sweaty southern days in North Carolina All the smart people were inside enjoying the aritficially cooled air. I sat outside listening to the lone guitar player, the squirrels, the laughter of the retirement party inside and  a beat up sedan pulling  into the gravel parking lot. So this is the exciting world of book signing. Sigh.


As I wedged a quick talk into the musician’s break time. I could see by the eyes of the few  scattered listeners that they weren’t up for my moving stories. Their eyes spelled “Chillin’ Time”‘.  I  heard a chuckle and figured it was was my husband trying to encourage me with my humorous story.


A few minutes later I packed it in.


Shoving a box full of books into the back of the car, I heard a woman’s voice shout, “Hey!”


I pivoted around to see  a woman in a bright floral top waved to me trying to get my attention. “Are you selling books?”


Sure didn’t communicate that message very well.  “Yes, of course.”


“Got  a sister in Atlantic Beach who just moved and isn’t doing well. I want to buy her a copy of your book. Would you  please sign it?”


A few minutes later the rural countryside of North Carolina whizzed by as I thought about that woman. What a fortunate sister to have someone persistent enough to run after an author for some help for her sibling. I thought about how many times I could have flagged down some help for a family member or friend but just didn’t take the time. Color my nature lackadaisical… or just  plain lazy. Whatever, I learned an important truth.


Today’s lesson wasn’t about the number of books sold. It was more about a sister going the extra mile.




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