Trusting for Our Daily Bread – Manna, Maggots and Lollipops

When you’re five-years old, you love to run around the house in your underwear. It’s so convenient and comfortable. Oh, the freedom.

Having only your Paw Patrol cartoon undies on, also makes it easy to hide snacks.

lollipopsThe three little Musketeers at my daughter’s house were offered a lollipop after dinner. She doesn’t dole out a lot of candy so it was a treat. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the oldest put an extra one in his underpants … sort of for a snack later. She sat him down the sofa and asked him if he had taken an extra piece of candy for later. He wiggle and squirmed, not wanting to give notice of his hidden treasure.

But finally he admitted it. “Oh Mom, the suckers are so small and I love them so much.”

img_9954There’s a story in Exodus 16 that parallels the lollipop hoarder. Centuries ago the Israelites were wandering around in the dessert. As they traveled every day they weren’t able to grow gardens and feed themselves. But God provided manna for them to eat. Every morning they were to gather their daily food, flakes which fell on the ground, which they used to make bread. Only on one day, the sixth day of the week could they collect for two days so they would not have to work on the Sabbath. They were warned not to store it.

One bright group decided to collect the extra and save it for the next day.

Bad idea.

The stored manna from heaven became infested with maggots, turning the flakes inedible. They quickly learned God was their provider. He wanted to teach Israelites to trust Him daily for food.

The lesson still remains- it’s a daily commitment of faith to look towards our heavenly father for all our needs. We don’t have to store up treats in our undies.

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