Who’s in Charge of America’s Language?

This question came up a while ago when I was talking to my sister. I asked her if she remembered how when we were growing up, people who died, passed away. They changed places, not here but away, as in going away to one’s eternal resting place.

But now people just pass. What does that mean? Do they pass out, through or over? Shouldn’t there be  another word added to finish the sentence?  I’m hanging with bated breath. “Yes, then what happened?”  It’s like there’s a period missing at the end of the sentence.

acronymsThen there’s those annoy abbreviations. LOL. Everywhere you look people have these hilarious thoughts that they can’t keep them to themselves. As a result they are bursting with laughter they can’t contain. Yes, there’s a major outbreak of yucking it up in our country. (Well, that’s probably a good thing. Considered the nation’s grim emotional climate, an abundance of chuckles is healing).

Shortening words is another trend. It took me a while to learn what peeps, reno, and vaca meant. Somehow I missed the memo. The good thing is I’m great at foreign languages and now I’m up to speed. When someone ELI5*, you can AMA* and I won’t have to constantly face palm. Hey, what can I say, I’m  SMH*.

Still, what I really want to know is who decides these language changes? Is there a secret yearly meeting at the top university English Departments? OMG I’d love to be invited.


*For those who are over a certain age and need translation:

*ELI5 means Explain Like I’m 5.

*AMA means Ask Me Anything.

*SMH means Shaking My Head.

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