Won’t be Home for Christmas

MP900444294Won’t be Home for Christmas.


Sung to the tune, “I’ll be Home for Christmas”.


Won’t be home for Christmas

Home is not this place

Where neighbors wave and presents gave

So many a familiar face


Won’t be home for Christmas

My address has been changed

Can’t greet friends or find invites

To celebrations arranged


But, my heart is cradled

‘Cause He’s in charge of me

The Son has come to give me joy

And with it, sets me free.  


Does the first part of this song express your feelings this year?  We all want to go home or be

home at Christmas. But when we have just moved, home isn’t home as we fight nostalgia and past memories.


But, sometimes having less connections at Christmas forces us back to remembering why we are

celebrating this holiday, anyway. If we find ourselves uprooted and in a new community, my

prayer is for you to know the baby in the manager and experience the comfort of the man, the Son

of God who grew from that baby to a man.


Remember, His parents had to move right before he was born.  Joseph and Mary were on their

own in a tiny stable in Bethlehem. They didn’t have extended family and supportive neighbors

when their first child, the Son of God, came into the world, Mary’s only midwife was her husband,

Joseph. The cradle was probably a feeding trough. But Mary nestled her baby amongst dirty hay,

animal droppings  and the serenades of braying donkeys and mooing cattle, content that she had

participated in a cosmic miracle that would change the world.


Now centuries later we take a whole month to remember and celebrate His arrival on earth. He

did so much for us. What a God! Don’t give into loneliness and depression Let Him fill your heart.

Enjoy His birthday, even when you feel like you are on foreign soil.  You’re in good company.

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