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Today I’m on the World Blog Book Tour and I’m going to share a few new authors that my readers might enjoy.

kevinmcateerFirst, a hearty thanks to Kevin McAteer who has invited me to be a part of the tour.
Kevin is the author of Daddy, Can You Make Pancakes?

This true-life story chronicles how a father deals with small children after their mother dies of cancer. It’s resonating with many who have lost spouses. His blog spot is:


Now for my question and answer segment:

What am I working on?

I am just about to release my first novel, Lake Surrender the end of September. The story is about a woman who goes through a divorce, career, and loss of her home only to find herself moving to Northern Michigan from California. With a precocious twelve-year-daughter and an autistic son, she hits bottom as she finds the only job available as a cook at a Christian camp.

After Lake Surrender launches, my next project will be compiling a small cookbook of recipes in the book. Stay tuned.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My genre is women’s inspirational. Unlike a lot of inspiration, my story has a lot of humor juxtaposed with poignant moments where my protagonist, up against a wall, examines her life. I put Ally, a person clueless to Christianity, into a Christian camp where she hears bits and pieces of the gospel. She fights it as she’s stubborn and proud career woman but eventually she surrenders to He who has created her…hence the title, Lake Surrender.

Why do I write what I do?

My main passion is to show how God the Father tugs on an invisible string that only He sees. He draws, blesses, cajoles and even allows us some humiliation in order for us to look up and open our hearts to Jesus. My character, Ally goes through an emotional obstacle course until she realizes she can’t handle her life.

Just like good writing, sharing the gospel should be more “showing” than “telling” but telling needs to be done. I hope my readers will be encouraged to walk out the gospel in their life and take opportunities that show up to point a hurting world to Jesus.

How does my writing process work?

Lake Surrender took root on a porch swing in Wheaton, Illinois as I tossed ideas back and forth to my husband. We were both unemployed and trying to sell a house in a down economy. I thought, “Why not start my novel?” I created the main character, Ally, and a run down camp in Lake Surrender and started typing. (Obviously I’m not plotter, an author who plots out the story). I made myself write 2,000 words a day and after eight weeks I had the first draft. Of course, I waited six years to get it published!

Next stop on the World Blog Book Tour?


Join multi-talented author, teacher, speaker and blogger, Alice Wisler. She writes southern fiction and is coming out with a new novel, Under the Silk Hibiscus about an internment camp in Wyoming during WWII. Here’s a link to her most recent book, Life in the Shadow, about an ex-Amish man.

To read her blog, go to




And, please check out:  Nancy Pitts, author of When You Come Home.

Book on amazon:

She wrote a book after the release of Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation and Brokaw wrote her book’s foreword.


Hope you have fun meeting new authors.

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