Writing Ideas

People ask me where I get ideas for my writing. The truth is most authors pull from their life and imagination. If you pay attention to what’s going on around you, you’ll find the most intriguing stories.

In Lake Surrender I borrowed some characteristics from a couple of my students to make up the character of Benjie, the 6-year old autistic son of my main character, Ally. I really grew to love him as he heard from God and helped his mother understand God’s character.

Ally Cervantes (Cervantes means servant in Spanish) is not me. I kind of admire her confidence in what she can accomplish in life. She learns the hard way that accomplishments are shallow when one’s life falls apart. I need to remember her lessons when I fret about book sales and promotions. Yes, I need to get my story into people’s hands but the ultimate prize is God’s approval….as a good workman.

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