Writing in My head

jb-messAs a writer I can’t always sit down in front of a computer or a tablet of paper because of a busy life. I have a husband, children, grand babies and a full time job as a reporter.

So I write in my head.

I often have several things dangling out there: a new character to develop, a description of scenery or dialogue that needs to be straightened out. I find it’s easier if I take a walk and mull things over while I move.

Yes, the neighbors might shake their heads and wonder why I’m lip syncing and flailing my hands about. But I know the solution well could be found in a half an hour’s walk at lunch.

Walking to solve a problem is a lot like undoing a tangle of yarn, You have a problem, a lot of knots to work out… what I usually have when I pick up a project. As I physically rip out my knitting mistakes, I can start again. Well, when I walk I am untangling the knots in my story and reworking them just like I rework that baby blanket I’ve labored over for five years.

Thankfully I can solve my story problems faster than my knitting.

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