Writing is not glamorous except in the movies.

I recently talked to a doctor who was intrigued that I had written a couple of books.

“Where do you write,” he asked? He told me he’s fascinating with where a novel is created. He cited one famous author who writes on trains and another who types manuscripts with a complete white room- nothing on the walls. I’m sure he imagined my writing room to have a desk that looks out onto a lovely courtyard, classical music in the background and a wall lined with books.

I hated to tell him my office is in the spare bedroom. Now I’m not complaining, it works well There’s a single bed where grandkids stay and the bedspread has already been spotted with a black marker. It’s also where I fold clothes straight out of the dryer. My desk is a long folding table with a bit of a warp in it where something hot was set down on the plastic. Nothing exotic.

Then there’s my chair. It looks like a reject from Goodwill.

One of the first pieces of advice you’ll receive as a new writer is this: to be successful as an author you need one major thing, BIC.


Yes, Butt In Chair.

Well, if a chair’s worn condition is any indication of success, I should qualify  Just take a look. Unfortunately I haven’t heard from the editor of the New York Times bestsellers list yet. But if my ripped vinyl chair is any proof, I’ll be getting that call soon.

I can hope.

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