Your Last House? Moving in with the Children has a new Meaning.




As our population grows older the building trad becomes creative in helping families take care of their elderly parents. An Australian concept called Granny flats had been around since the ’70’s and now  and is now catching on here.

In Seattle the FAB Cab company manufacture is giving families an alternative to institutionalized health care for elderly parents. They produce prefab modules or pods that can be constructed in one’s own backyard. These clever 12X 24 units offer a kitchenette, living area bathroom and sleeping area may be the future alternative to nursing homes. Rubber floors, sensor monitors, video cameras and a ton of medical monitoring equipment may bring Grandma home to be with the family. If you can’t afford the $75,000 price tag you might be able to rent a pod for as little as $1500.00 a month  It’s an interesting concept that’s on the horizon. If you are near retirement age you might want to make sure a least one of your children has a large backyard. It might be your last home!

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